We, at Flash fix, ensure that the process of unlocking or jailbreaking is smooth and executed with utmost precision. Our expertise and years of experience ensure that you get the job done without having to worry about the consequences it will have on your expensive device.

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Unnecessary restrictions have always been opposed by mankind who have always come up with alternatives to keep going.

Security is of paramount importance in today’s world, and Apple has been doing whatever it can to keep the ecosystem tightly integrated. Understanding the concepts of unlocking and jailbreaking is crucial before we talk about how best it can be done.

In simple terms, unlocking eliminates the carrier restrictions and allows you to use your iPhone on any carrier. On the other hand, jailbreaking enables you to get access to certain files on your device which is prohibited by Apple. This eliminates the software restrictions imposed by iOS and leads to higher level of device customization. However, none of them are illegal.

These techniques are complex and need expert assistance and support. We, at Flash Fix, ensure that the job is done perfectly and the device does not suffer any damage.

Unlocking – The process involved

There are three different techniques to unlock your iPhone – the hardware, the software and the official IMEI method. The hardware and the software techniques are not able to unlock all iPhones successfully. The official IMEI method is a proven technique to unlock your iPhone. This is also approved by Apple

However, this process is tricky and depends on the policies set by carriers in your region. Contact us today and get this process done with ease.

Jailbreaking – The process involved

After a reboot, Apple’s own kernel is loaded initially. For jailbreaking, the kernel needs to be patched by exploiting the device every time.

There are three types of jailbreaks – untethered jailbreak, tethered jailbreak, and semi-tethered jailbreak. These are all complex processes and lot of reverse engineering and expertise is required for this process to be done successfully.