Smartphone and Cell Phone Repair Service

Smartphones and cell phones have become our lifelines in today’s world. A single day without these devices is unimaginable. Cell phones are the most important medium of communication. So, if it stops working, immediate repair is needed.

Did you just drop your smartphone and cracked the screen?

Is your cell phone battery damaged and needs an urgent change?

Does your phone require an urgent service?

Worry no more!

We are here to fix all your smartphone or cell phone related worries.  We, at Flash Fix, repair your devices with utmost care. Our experts are quite experienced and have proven capabilities to deal with complex issues. Our service is prompt, and we try to deliver your repaired smartphone right on time.

Our technicians are competent enough to repair different types of smartphones available in the market. We provide service for all the top brands available in the market. If your device requires replacement of any parts, we always provide best replacements.

Here are some common issues which are dealt with utmost care at Flash Fix –

LCD Screen Replacement- Fixing a broken cell phone or smartphone screen can be easy or very complex depending on the brand and how it is made. It is difficult to understand by just looking at the device and the damage whether the digitizer or the complete LCD panel needs a replacement. We are better judges by virtue of our years of experience and ensure that the parts replaced by us are genuine and authentic.

Battery Replacement or Repair– If your smartphone has become little old and not functioning properly, it can be due to an old and flawed battery. If you cannot run all your necessary apps at a time and it needs frequent charging, it’s time to bid goodbye to your old battery. We provide best possible service to improve your smartphone’s performance.

USB Port and Charger Repair– If you notice that your phone is suddenly not charging, it can be due to malfunctioning charger and USB ports.  Our technicians repair the ports in the most effective way.

Apart from these common issues, there can be many other hardware and software problems in the device. Rely on us for a hassle-free repairing service.

 Reasons to choose us

·         On time service

·         Clear estimates and no hidden costs.

·         Authentic parts

·         Expert technicians.

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