Secure Hard Drive Wiping

Want to dispose of, sell or give away your old device and purchase a new one?

Wait, you may be exposing your precious and confidential data.

Before you get rid of your old device, it is important to wipe all your personal files and documents. It is important because your old and deleted data can be retrieved from many types of drives.

We, at Flash Fix, provide secure hard drive wiping service. We offer you a complete solution to securely clean up your files, folders, and other confidential data and ensure that there is no security lapse.

The process involved

Completely erasing all information from the computer can be little tricky. When you format your hard drive or delete a partition, usually only the file system is removed.  This only makes your data invisible but does not wipe out the data. The hidden information can be retrieved by a special hardware or a file-recovery program.

Before disposing of your old PC or laptop, you should be sure that all your personal data is properly wiped off after taking a backup. This is usually done by using some software’s. It takes a few minutes to several hours to wipe off everything from the hard drive depending on the expertise of the technician and volume of data.

What sets us apart from all our competitors?

·         Our expert technicians ensure that hard drive wiping is done securely and accurately. They follow all the necessary instructions to wipe away the old data.  We assure you to keep your data safe from snooping eyes.

·         Our unmatched punctuality ensures that you get back your cleared drive ahead of the deadline.

·         Our charges are the most competitive in the market. We provide a precise estimate of the fees in advance to avoid confusion and last minute surprises.

·         Our patrons are our priority.  We provide warranty for all our services. So, if you are not satisfied with the work done, give us a call, and we would ensure that you get the best.


Get in touch with Flash Fix today and enjoy complete peace of mind!