iPhone Repair in Corpus Christi, TX

iPhone 7 Plus

Screen Repair: $310

iPhone 7

Screen Repair:  $275

iPhone 6s Plus

Screen Repair: $145

iPhone 6s

Screen Repair: $105

iPhone 6 Plus

Screen Repair: $80

iPhone 6

Screen Repair: $70

iPhone 5s

Screen Repair: $50

iPhone 5

Screen Repair: $50

Other iPhones

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iPhone Repair

Did your iPhone just do a free fall?

Does that LCD screen need urgent replacement?

Are you facing any other problems with your device?

Do you urgently need an iPhone repair?

Worry not, the experts are here to help you and repair your precious iPhone in the best possible way. We, at Flash Fix, are experts with years of experience in repairing iPhones and resolving complex issues. We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can get without your phone. These devices have become our lifelines, and any prolonged issue can cut off our communication channel from the rest of the world.

Our expert team has iPhone repair as its core competency and speciality, and we ensure that our customers get the best services available in the market. Some of the common issues which can be quickly fixed are:

IPhone screen replacement – Replacing the cracked screen is one of the common to-do jobs. Due to external shocks, the LCD screen may get damaged. However, it is never clear whether to replace both the LCD and digitizer or just one of them. If you have an image displayed, getting the digitizer replaced should work. Else, the LCD assembly needs to be replaced. We provide the necessary expertise to take the right decision and provide quick replacements of cracked screen and supply genuine and authentic parts.

IPhone battery replacement and repair – If you are experiencing symptoms of a faulty or old battery which may include charging problems or a reduced lifespan, it’s time to get your battery replaced. This not only improves your device’s performance and life but also prevents the possibility of any mishaps. Get in touch with us to get the best deals and a hassle free service.

Charging port repair – The charging port often takes a lot of grind due to improper use. Also, it may become faulty over a period. This needs to immediately address with the help of experts who can resolve the issue permanently.

There are multiple other complex hardware and software issues which can be resolved with ease by our technically sound experts.

Why choose us?

Here is a small list of reasons why you should choose us.

·         On-time service

·         Upfront estimates

·         Certified technicians

·         Integrated circuit repairs

·         Best price

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