Has your game console stopped working all of a sudden?

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Video games have become a very popular source of entertainment for everyone around the globe. There is a huge market segment comprising of people from all age groups who are fascinated by these gadgets, and a huge number of people have included this activity in their daily to-do task list. There are quite a few game consoles which are immensely popular in the market namely Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. However, electronic gadgets can sometimes become faulty and need repair.

It is always a good idea to get your game console fixed by the experts who have proven expertise and ability to fix complex problems permanently. Our team of expert professionals at Flash Fix can provide you with the most authentic and hassle-free service.

Our specialization:

We service and repair most of the popular brands of game consoles.

·         Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim repair) – Our services include Xbox One hard drive repair, diagnostic service, and disc drive repair. We specialize in providing expert assistance for complex issues such as Xbox 360 Red Ring of death repair, E74 error repair and disc read error fix.

·         PlayStation (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 3 Slim repair) – We have focused service offering for any issues related to PlayStation game console. This includes standard services such as Disc drive repair, hard drive repair or replacement and diagnostic services. We also specialize in Yellow light of death repair, Flashing red light repair, and Blu-ray drive repair services for the PS3 and PS3 slim models.

·         Wii (Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U repair) – Expert assistance and support is provided for Wii diagnostic service, hard drive and disk drive repair and replacement.


Our Differentiator’s:


Our team of experts – A highly skilled and professional team ready to help you anytime.

On-time service – We believe in delivering what we promise. Deadlines are promised after the initial diagnosis, and it is ensured that they are never breached.

Low price guarantee – We provide our services at a very competitive price which is the lowest amongst all our competitor’s. We understand the value of your hard earned money.

Best in class customer service – Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, and we have a dedicated customer support team to address all your concerns. Warranty covers all our services, and we ensure that our customer’s get the best.

So, forget those long waits to get your favorite game console repaired. Get in touch with our experts today!