Storage devices are electronic devices and prone to technical issues which may wipe off your complete data backup and the cherished memories of a lifetime.

Thankfully, there are techniques which can recover the lost data. This is a specialized skillset and needs expert assistance to be performed.

At Flash Fix, our mission is to provide quick, efficient and comprehensive data recovery solutions along with a great customer experience. Our skilled and highly capable technical team is redefining the process of data recovery by offering lightning fast, accurate, and technically superior solutions. We are ready to help whenever there is a possibility of you losing your valuable data backup. We ensure that your memories and important documents are never lost.

Our services:

We provide every type of recovery service which may be required and includes onsite, server and remote recovery requirements. We can remotely login to your computer and recover deleted files in case of a hard drive failure. We strive to avoid any type of data loss by utilizing our years of experience and expertise.

There are two data recovery situations:

Physical recovery – Physical recovery is required when the hard drive fails due to internal wear and tear and damage. Sometimes, a fix may be an easy and quick solution. But, sometimes the data has to be cloned to a working hard drive in order to preserve it. This is a highly specialized technique and can be best performed by skilled technicians.

Logical recovery – A logical recovery is required when an erroneous delete happens or the device is accidentally reformatted. Data recovery software’s are used here to preserve the data. This needs to be performed by a trained technician

We also provide specialized services to business facing enormous data loss challenges or RAID failure. We are experts in complex data recovery processes and can retrieve data from mechanically damaged drivers.

We value your privacy and the confidentiality of your data. We take all necessary precautions to safeguard your data and prevent and further loss of data.

Get in touch with us today and preserve your valuable data!